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El Manzano



This is a quiet tale with a message about tolerance and its rewards. An apple tree standing among its neighbors in an orchard senses that spring is approaching. As birds, squirrels, moles, and porcupines seek places to nest and rear their young, all of the other trees protest vigorously. Too much noise! Think of the damage and disruption! No way, not in my backyard! Only the apple tree welcomes all that ask for its shelter. As eggs hatch and baby squirrels grow active, the hospitable tree becomes a busy, noisy place with youngsters flitting about and racing around its branches. Soon enough, the seasons pass and fall gives way to winter. The birds fly south and the squirrels, moles, and hedgehogs burrow in among the roots of the apple tree. While all of the other trees in the orchard feel cold and lonely, the apple tree is warmed by its memories and the dreams of its slumbering occupants. The beautiful watercolor illustrations capture the mood of the story and enhance the text.

Escrito por: Mira Lobe

Ilustrado por: Angelika Kaufmann