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Where's My Fnurgle?


In Where's My Fnurgle, kids will search the book for a mysterious creature called a fnurgle that the narrator just can't seem to keep track of!

I have a fnurgle but I can't find him.

Where's my fnurgle?

Oh, look. My fnurgle's on the chair.

Don't you see my fnurgle there?

Jim Benton, the international bestselling author and illustrator of Dear Dumb Diary, presents a clever, rollicking new board book program that will leave toddlers wide-eyed and laughing. Fans of Sandra Boynton will rejoice in this fresh line of funny stories!

Written by: Jim Benton

Ilustrated by : Jim Benton

Format: 16 pages | Cardboard | 6 x 0.5 x 6 inches

Ages: 0- 6 years