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What Is the World Series?

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Which of these facts are true?
Tickets to the first World Series cost from fifty cents to one dollar
A team got “cursed” after a fan’s pet goat was not allowed to enter the stadium
Fans were evacuated from one stadium after an earthquake struck in the middle of a game

“Strike – you’re out!” “He’s safe!” “Homerun!” Every October, millions of baseball fans around the country anxiously wait to see which team wins baseball’s biggest championship.  But the original games of the 1900s hardly look like they do today. Take a look back over one hundred years and discover the history of baseball’s greatest series. With triumphs, heartbreak, and superstitious curses, this action-packed book brings America’s Pastime to life.

Written by: Gail Herman

Format: 112 pages | Paperback | 5.31 x 0.29 x 7.63 inches 

Ages : 7 - 10 years