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The Zombie Chasers: World Zombination

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It's a race against slime. . . .

Zack Clarke and his zombie-chasing friends—Rice, Madison, Zoe, Ozzie, and Olivia—are headed into uncharted territory on their slimiest adventure yet. They'll have to escape zombified lemurs (not cute!) in Madagascar, eat brains (yuck!) in China, and fight zombie mummies (zummies!) in Egypt.

The globe-trotting Zombie Chasers are determined to put an end to their brain-biting enemies once and for all. Will Zack and his friends get their hands on the ultimate antidote and unzombify everyone? Or will the zombies finally achieve world domination?

Author: John Kloepfer

Age: 8 up

Format: 224 pages, Hardcover

Editorial: Harpercollins