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The Wind on the Moon

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In the English village of Midmeddlecum, Major Palfrey asks his two daughters to behave themselves while he is off at war. Sighing, Dinah says, -I think that we are quite likely to be bad, however hard we try not to be, - and her sister, Dorinda, adds helpfully, -Very often, when we think we are behaving well, some grown-up person says we are really quite bad. It's difficult to tell which is which.- Sure enough, the mischievous sisters soon convince a judge that minds must be changed as often as socks, stage an escape from the local zoo (thanks to a witch's potion that turns them into kangaroos), and--in the company of a golden puma and silver falcon--set off to rescue their father from the tyrant of Bombardy. A tale of hilarity and great adventure, The Wind on the Moon is also a work of high seriousness; after all, -life without freedom, - as the valiant puma makes clear, -is a poor, poor thing.-

Written by: Eric Linklater

Illustrated by:  Nicolas Bentley

Format: 376 pages | Paperback

Ages: 10+