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Tai: el pequeño tayno / A young tayno boy (A day of service)


En este cuento se narra un día especial en la vida de Tai. Es el día de servicio, y cada niño y niña tiene que cooperar con las tareas de su yucayeque. 

This story narrates a special day in Tai's life. It is a day of service, and every boy and girl must cooperate with the yacayeque's daily chores.

Editorial El Antillano is in the process of rescuing some works that were done during the 70s by a group of Puerto Rican musicians and artists from El Barrio in New York. Veterans from the Taller Boricua and the Museo del Barrio, these Puerto Ricans dedicated themselves to producing cultural publications and musical instruments for young children and teenagers under the name Talleres Loiza. The TAI series was one of those children's favorites (today, almost 40-year old adults). This was the first title in that original collection. We shall be producing all the other publications in the future. 

24 páginas | Tapa blanda | Inglés

Edades Recomendadas: 4+