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Niños Mindful: Tummy Ride / Siente tu barriguita

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Nurture kindness and help manage toddlers’ everyday emotions with this bilingual introduction to mindfulness written by the award-winning author of bestselling Mindful Kids activity deck, Whitney Stewart, alongside early childhood development specialist Stefanie Paige Wieder, M.S. Ed. With clear, straightforward instructions and calming ocean wave imagery, this cheerful board book enables parents and caregivers to enjoy a simple breathing exercise with children as young as 2 years old. A must-have for naptime, bedtime, travel and more. This book is designed to help young children learn to soothe themselves while laying the foundation for self-awareness and kindness.

Written by: Whitney Stewart 

Illustrated by: Rocío Alejandro

Format: Bilingual, Board Book, 14 pages.