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My Weirdest School #5: Miss Daisy Is Still Crazy!

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In this fifth book in the My Weirdest School series, the students of Ella Mentry School are in for a surprise. Mr. Cooper is sick, and that means A.J. and the gang are getting a substitute teacher—crazy Miss Daisy! Now that she’s back, she’s weirder than ever. Instead of learning, she wants the kids to eat bonbons all day. And she thinks that germs are out to get her. Will third grade ever be normal again?

Perfect for reluctant readers and word lovers alike, Dan Gutman’s hugely popular My Weird School series has something for everyone. Don’t miss the hilarious adventures of A.J. and the gang.

Author: Dan Gutman

Illustrator: Jim Paillot

Age: 6 to 10 

Format: 112 pages. Paperback

Editorial: HaperCollins