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Looking Good: Fashion Fun & Flubs Activity Book (Smithsonian)


Discover the lowdown on high heels, hair-dos, and the history of fashion.

This Smithsonian activity book is about the furry, fabulous, funky, or just plain funny things people have worn from prehistoric times to tomorrow's next big fad. It includes a cool sticker page for creating a "design-your-own" look.

Work with what you've got: for the first people that meant dressing in animal hides; for kings and queens that meant jewels and powdered wigs; for everyday folks that meant togas, homespun woolens, or blue jeans. The history of fashion is all about people using what was around them and then adding beautiful or outlandish touches. (Hoop skirts, anyone?) This super-fun nonfiction activity book looks at what people wore when--and why.

Author: Tracy West

Age range: 8-12 years

Format: Paperback.64 pages

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Licenses