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Icky Ricky #5: The Two-Dollar Dirt Shirt


The creator of Goodnight Goon and The Runaway Mummy pulls from his mad-scientist brain a kid so attracted to slime, muck, dirt, and yuck he could only be called Icky Ricky. And uh-oh! Icky Ricky is in a mess. Why? Well, you see . . .
*He’s wearing a shirt made entirely of dirt.
*He spilled a potful of hot dogs all over school.
*He’s digging up a woolly mammoth trapped in a frozen pond.
*He was supposed to be working on a book report and wound up covered
with Gargantuan Glue, newspaper, and shoe polish. (Will Icky Ricky everget his book report done?)
Icky Ricky is up to his eyeballs in trouble—and ick!

Author: Micheal Rex

Age: 6 to 9

Format: 128 pages. Paperback

Editorial:Random House Books for Young Readers