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  • Emma is on the air: Undercover

Emma is on the air: Undercover

This is Emma Perez, and I'm ON THE AIR! I found a clue about a "lost princess" in the Jefferson Market library, and now I'm using my extra-famous reporter-detective skills to go undercover and find her!
Emma Perez solved Javier's wormburger mystery, found Sophia's Lion costume, and tracked down her dance teacher's special tambora drum. Now she'll have to learn an extra-special reporter trick: how to go undercover to solve a case! Can she find the "lost princess" at her library -- without getting into big trouble?
It's time for a new edition of EMMA IS ON THE AIR!

Author: Ida Siegel

Age: 7 to 10

Format: 128 pages. Paperback

Editorial: Scholastic