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  • Emma Is On the Air #1 Big News

Emma Is On the Air #1 Big News

WNBC reporter Ida Siegal makes her debut as a chapter book author with a hilarious look at one girl's journey into journalism, mystery-solving, and fame--or at least two out of those three!

This is Emma Perez, and I'm ON THE AIR!

Today at lunch, Javier found a brown and slimy worm swimming in the ketchup on his burger. It was extra gross! But how did Javier end up with a wormburger, anyway? Did someone put it there? Will someone get in trouble?

There are lots of questions, but don't worry, Emma is on the case! I'm going to figure out what happened, and tell you all about it--because I'm a super famous reporter!

It's time for the first edition of EMMA IS ON THE AIR!


Author: Ida Siegal

Age: 7 to 10

Format: 128 pages, Paperback