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El diario de Pablo Rivera: Un joven en el Grito de Lares

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Best seller oral history by Ángel Collado Schwarz, Voces de la Cultura, is now converted into a version for young people mainly 8-12 but with value to all ages. Historic events are now entertaining stories that will capture the attention of young readers who will be exposed to the Spanish Caribbean islands through its heroes and events. Josefina Barceló Jiménez and Midiam Astacio Méndez, writers of the fascinating stories and well know artist, Juan Álvarez O'Neill, creator of the stunning art work and illustrations, make this a unique gift that will educate and entertain young Spanish speaking readers. The first five volumes are on (1) Betances, the Spanish Antilles liberator, anti-slavery advocate considered the Founding Father of Puerto Rico's homeland, is seeing in action as a doctor of the poor people; (2) Grito de Lares, the leading event of Puerto Rico's 1868 revolution against Spanish rule, the story is based on the diary of the mayor's son; (3) Cofresí, a corsair and later pirate who is considered the puertorrican version of Robin Hood; (4) the Masacre de Ponce, an event where several innocent civilians were killed by the policemen in 1937, a US commission that conducted an investigation labeled the happening as a massacre; (5) the U.S. Bombardment of San Juan in 1898, seeing thru the eyes of a youngster who experienced the events in the charming historic city.

Escrito por: Midiam Astacio Méndez, Josefina Barceló Jimenez, Juan Alvarez O'Neill