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  • Draw the DC Universe

Draw the DC Universe

Do you doodle in comics? Do Batman and the Joker duke it out in the margins of your notebook?  Want to refine your heroes? How to Draw DC Comics is a complete how-to jammed with tips and techniques, tons of practice space and, of course, a universe of DC heroes and villains.  Learn to draw Superman, Riddler, or Catwoman from the inside out: first stick figures, then outlining, and finally the details.  This isn’t just a drawing book: it comes with a sketching pencil, drawing marker, artist’s pencils in six colors, a just-in-case block eraser, stencils, and tracing paper scattered throughout for can’t-fail tracing. 

Comes with: 94 page book, sketching pencil, drawing marker, 3 double-tipped pencils in 6 colors, block eraser, page of stencils, translucent overlays for tracing.

Autor: Klutz

Edad: A partir de 8 años

Formato: 94 págs. Tapa blanda