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Don't Need Friends


There's a new dog in the junkyard, and boy, is he ever grouchy! He should be the perfect new friend for cranky, Grumbling Rat. But the two animals only seem to shout at each other."Don't you come near me!" barks Dog."Fine with me," decides Rat."Don't need friends, don't need them at all!"

But as this prickly pair discovers, everybody needs a friend. Especially during a bitterly cold winter in a junkyard where food is hard to find-and a foot-long salami sandwich is a near miracle. But is Rat ready to share his sandwich-and his friendship-with someone new?

Author: Carolyn Crimi

Illustrator: Lynn Munsinger

Age range: 3-7 years 

Format: paperback.32 pages

Publisher: Dragonfly books