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  • Digger the dinosaur

Digger the dinosaur

I can read collection.

Digger the Dinosaur is all ready to go play baseball with his best friend, Stego! But on his way out the door, Digger's mom reminds him that he still needs to clean his room. Digger rushes back to tidy up and tries his best to be speedy. But with so much to do and so little time, Digger starts to get mixed up. Will Digger be able to make it to the baseball game on time, or will things get too topsy-turvy?

Join Digger the Dinosaur in his first I Can Read book, filled with delightful illustrations, phonics fun, and lots of laughs.


Autora: Rebecca Dotlich

Ilustrador: Gynux

Edad: A partir de 4 años

Formato: 24 págs. Tapa blanda

Editorial: Harper Collins

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