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Baby Signs for Animals

It's as easy as waving bye-bye!

Babies have a lot to say, even before they can actually speak familiar animal names like "dog" and "bunny." Baby Signs are simple gestures that allow babies and toddlers to communicate what they see, what they need, and even how they feel. Research has shown that Baby Signs decrease frustration and tantrums and help your baby talk sooner.


When to begin: When your child starts to wave bye-bye.


How to do it: Show your baby the sign and point to the picture. Always say the word as you make the sign.

Improvise: Make up your own signs -- your baby probably will too!


By: Linda Acredolo

Photographs by: Penny Gentieu

Format: Board book | 26 pages | 6.72 x 5.54 x 0.49 in

Ages: 0-4