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  • Amelia Bedelia: Shapes up

Amelia Bedelia: Shapes up

When Amelia Bedelia doesn't get picked for a team during recess, her feelings are hurt.

Who needs sports, anyway? Not Amelia Bedelia! But everywhere she turns, her friends, teachers, parents (and even her dog!!!) are exercising and shaping up. Honestly, she can't avoid it! So, she agrees to try:

1. Golf with her dad
2. Yoga with her mom
3. Watching football on TV (zzzzz)
4. Running, jumping, throwing, catching
5. Competing in the Greek Games at school

Will Amelia Bedelia ever find a sport she is good at?

Author: Herman Parish

Age: 6 years and up

Format: 160 pages, Paperback

Editorial: Harper Collins Publishers