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  • 101 Animal Records

101 Animal Records

From the authors of the wildly successful 101 ANIMAL SECRETS and 101 FREAKY ANIMALS comes this compendium of the animal kingdom's most amazing records!

Did you know that the blue whale, the world's largest animal, is as big as three school buses and weighs as much as twenty-seven elephants? Or that a sea wasp is so poisonous, its venom can kill up to sixty human adults? Can you believe that the silk moth caterpillar's appetite is so enormous that it can eat more that than 1,000 times its weight each day?

Filled with fascinating facts and tons of detailed photographs, 101 Animal Records is sure to be an instant favorite for kids, parents, and teachers alike!

Autor: Melvin y Gilda Berger

Edad: A partir de 7 años

Formato: 102 págs. Tapa blanda

Editorial: Scholastic