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10 True Tales: Heroes of Hurricane Katrina


Donald Colletti and Jimmy Pitre are forced to flee their flooded houses as Hurricane Katrina devastates their beloved city of New Orleans. But rather than seek shelter, the two brave men put their lives on the line to rescue hundreds of their neighbors.

As Coast Guard helicopter 6514 is buffeted by severe winds, rescue swimmer Laurence Nettles is lowered into the dangerous waters with one goal in mind -- save the lives of a family with an infant who are stranded in a damaged boat.

Cut off from outside help for days, the valiant medical staff at Lindy Boggs Medical Center -- which is cut off by rising floodwaters and cripped by a power failure -- fight desperately to keep more than 100 patients alive.

These and other real-life heroes risked their lives to save others during Hurricane Katrina, the most catastrophic natural disaster in United States history. You will never forget their courageous true stories.

Author: Allan Zullo

Age Range: 8-12 years

Format: Paperback. 192 pages | 5.3 x 0.5 x 7.55 inches

Publisher: Scholastic